From Whale-Watching to Tide-Pooling: The Adventures Never Stop in San Ignacio

Low tide walk at Campo Corte

Hey there, amigos. Let me tell you, sometimes whale-watching is like a mercurial lover. One minute, it’s smooth sailing, the wind in your hair, and the next, it’s like a cruel mistress, bringing the tide down so low you gotta get down in the mud and push that panga back to shore.

But you know what? Even when the tide is against us, we always find a way to make it fun. Just the other day, we set out on our second whale-watching trip, riding high on the tide and ready for adventure. And boy, did we get it.

Despite our best efforts to avoid the low tide, we found ourselves in some of the lowest waters we’ve ever seen on our way back. But did we panic? Heck no. We rolled up our sleeves, donned our rubber boots, and got to work.

And you know what? It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We got to do some serious tide pooling and even found ourselves some delicious chocolate clams. And let me tell you, some of our guests were natural-born clam diggers. They could give the locals a run for their money.

We found all kinds of critters down there in the mud. Crabs, brittle stars, and of course, our old pal, the sarcastic fringe-head. That fish has got a serious appetite for chocolate clams, let me tell you.

And even though we might have been knee-deep in mud, we were still having a blast. We turned our low-tide calamity into a fun-filled adventure, with lots of laughs, great information, and, of course, some serious clam eating. San Ignacio style, raw with lime and some spicy salsa. Yum!

So, let me tell you, when you come whale-watching in San Ignacio, you never know what you’re gonna get. But one thing’s for sure: you’ll always get more than what you bargained for. And that’s what makes it all worth it.

Thanks for tuning in, folks. Until next time, this is Ro, signing out.

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