Solar Powered Cabins

Situated Close to the Waters Edge

Each of our cabins offers its own spectacular view of the lagoon and is situated close to the water's edge. Each of our 15 solar powered cabins offers a warm and extremely comfortable safari style ambience and protection from the fierce environment (mostly wind). Twelve of our cabins are double occupancy with either a Queen bed or two single beds and three others are triple occupancy with a double bed and a single bed. All of our cabins are supplied with fresh linens and pillows for each new guest.

Each cabin is equipped with a small desk and mirror as well as shelves to store your clothing and valuables. Keys are provided for any guests that wish to lock their cabins. The cabins operate on Solar Power and have a solar panel array on the roof that capture and store the radiant energy from the sun into a large marine battery. The battery is then connected to inverter that converts this stored electricity from 12 volt DC power to 110v AC power to charge your small electronics such as video cameras, notebook computers and digital cameras. Cabins are also equipped with an interior light, two windows for ventilation and extra blankets.

Always available in the palapa:

  • Book and video library of Baja and marine mammals
  • Television to view our daily videos and presentations
  • Science and weather monitoring station
  • Coffee and hot water for tea
  • Snacks and fruit
  • Sodas and beer