Perhaps the most extraordinary wildlife encounter on the planet is a visit to San Ignacio Lagoon to meet up close 40-ton Grey Whales and their newborn calves. Grey whale mothers often seek out human interaction as they approach our boats to present their newborn calves to us while encouraging visitors to scratch their heads, back, and baleen as they lounge around our boats. Over the years this behavior has become a regular occurrence only at San Ignacio Lagoon.


Three Trip Options

5 Day Air Trips

Our most popular trip – Our privately chartered aircraft takes you directly to San Ignacio Lagoon.

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8 Day Big Whale Trip

Best of Baja: Marine wildlife on the the Sea of Cortez to the breeding lagoon of San Ignacio on the Pacific Ocean.

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Get to our eco-lodge by your own means of transportation and pay the all inclusive daily rate.

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