Bathroom and Shower Facilities

The camp offers four marine style flushing bathrooms that are always clean, private, comfortable and equipped with all the necessities. They are a short walk from your cabin and we take pride in offering you well-maintained bathrooms that we clean three times a day.


The bathrooms are solar powered and each has its own light, locking door and household size, marine style toilets. If you do not wish to make the trip to the bathrooms at night, you can request a chamber pot that you can use in your cabin.

Hand Washing Station

At the center of camp is a large hand washing area where you can brush your teeth and wash your hands. It is well stocked with five sinks and mirrors, plenty of water and towels.


Our camp has two on demand hot water showers. Each has a shower room and then a dry dressing area with table and mirror and a locking door for your privacy. Because we are in the desert and fresh water is precious, we ask that our guests please help us conserve the water supplies.

Our guides will brief you on the use of all of our facilities upon your arrival to the camp. All of our facilities have access for any guests that may have a permanent or temporary disability.

Shower facilities

handwashing stations
4 toilets