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Arrive On Your Own

Plan your own whale watching trip to San Ignacio Lagoon

Arrive to our full service whale watching eco-lodge on your own by car, bus or private plane, and we’ll supply the friendly gray whales and hospitality that is world renown at "Campo Cortez". Enjoy your stay in our solar powered eco-cabins with complete views of the lagoon, comfortable beds, two whale watching trips daily, kayaking excursions, tide pool walks and the hospitality and knowledge of our camp staff and naturalists…enjoy all the frills that we offer on our guided expeditions including hot showers, solar electricity and star filled nights. Bookings are made in blocks of two days – stay two, four, six or more days in blocks of two days.

Baja Ecotours Friendly Gray Whales at San Ignacio Lagoon

Campo Cortez Ecolodge

Perched at the edge of civilization

At our Ecolodge you’ll enjoy the hospitality, friendliness and local knowledge of our lagoon resident staff and guides. Two whale watching trips are offered daily while other activities include naturalist led tide pool excursions, kayaking in the mangrove estuaries, bird watching, beach combing or just enjoy watching the wildlife in the tidal zones as coyotes hunt clams and a variety of migratory birds feed on small fish and sea-grass. Watching the wildlife activity in the tidal zone is truly an epic event in itself.

Whale Watching At San Ignacio Lagoon

What makes San Ignacio Lagoon unique

Situated at the heart of the Vizcaino Bisophere, San Ignacio lagoon is truly a unique place on our planet and is the only Gray Whale birthing lagoon in the world that has been left untouched by man and has a local community striving to keep the lagoon a sacred and protected sanctuary.

Baja Ecotours invites you to join us at our remote, solar powered Ecolodge at San Ignacio Lagoon where man and leviathan have formed a unique and peaceful relationship. Dubbed as "ballenas amistosas" (Spanish for "friendly whales") by local fishermen because of their curious and gentle nature, they often approach our skiffs to interact with us. These friendly Gray Whales actually seek out human interaction. Often, proud mothers with newborn calves will approach our skiffs to present their young to us while encouraging us to scratch their backs and baleen as they lounge around our skiffs. Over the years, this extraordinary behavior has become a regular occurrence only at San Ignacio Lagoon. It is this trusting gesture of friendship that makes a visit to San Ignacio Lagoon a once in a lifetime and unforgettable experience.

Other Activities at Campo Cortez

Numerous wildlife activities

   Tide pool exploration
   Hiking the beach/dunes
   Kayaking mangroves
   Gray Whale graveyard
   Nesting Ospreys in camp
   Bird watching
   Beach combing
   Sunsets and stargazing
Solar Eco-Cabins

Solar Eco-Cabins

Camp Facilities

Camp Facilities

A Day at Camp

A Day at Camp

When to Book and Availability

Availability is on a limited basis. Please make your reservations well in advance in order to secure your space on the aircraft and at camp. Many of our guests plan and book their trips at least six to twelve months in advance. For your comfort, space is limited at camp and all of our reservations are taken on a first come basis. Please email us or check our schedule for availability.

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Your Trip Intinerary

Please email our office for an itinerary at



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Solar-Powered Cabins

Comfortable and cozy accommodations

Our beachside solar powered cabins are comfortable and cozy. They are modest in size and offer amenities that are a big step up from camping. Each cabin offers a warm and comfortable safari style ambience and protection from the fierce environment (mostly wind). Each cabin offers its own spectacular view of the lagoon and is situated close to the waters edge. Additionally, the cabins are equipped with a small desk and mirror and shelving to store your clothing and valuables. Keys are provided for guests that wish to lock their cabins. All cabins are supplied with fresh linens, pillows and clean sleeping bags for each new arrival.

Solar Power and Electric

The cabins operate on Solar Power and have a small solar panel array on the roof that captures and stores the radiant energy from the sun into a 12 volt marine battery. The battery is then connected to an inverter that converts this stored electricity from 12 volt DC power to 110v AC power which you can then use to charge your small electronics such as video cameras, notebook computers and rechargeable batteries. Cabins are also equipped with an interior light, two windows for ventilation and extra blankets.

CPAP Machines
Yes, with advance notice, we can make available power to your cabin so that you can utilize a CPAP machine.

Cabin Sizes and Descriptions
Item # Bed Arrangement
Double Cabins 12 Single bed with mattress on each side of cabin.
Triple Cabins 3 Double bed with mattress on one side and single bed on other side. We can add a cot for small children to allow 4 in the triple cabins.
Tents 3 Stand up headroom, canvas tents with two cots and clean sleeping bags and pillows.


Safari-style tents: Heavy-duty canvas tents with standup headroom and camp cots are also available at our base-camp. They are fully equipped with freshly cleaned linens, sleeping bags, and pillows. These are available when we either have no cabins available or when guests prefer to choose a tent in order to avoid a single supplement fee. Rarely do we run out of cabins for any of our 5 and 6 day trips, and we will notify you if this is the case and you can choose to either occupy a tent or choose another trip date.

Cabin Photos

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Self-Arrivals Fees and Dates

2023 Self-Arrival Trip Fees
Item Amount
Daily Fee (all inclusive) $375.00 USD Daily per guest (2 day minimum)
Single Supplement Fee (if available) $75.00 USD Daily
Vizcaino Biosphere Entry Fee: $8.00 USD Daily

Self-Arrival Dates and Availability
Self-Arrivals: January and February January 15 thru February 07 (two day minimum)
Self-Arrive During a 5 day Air Trip: Arrive in your own vehicle and join any of our 5 day air trips. Space is limited for this option and restrictions apply & only when space is available. Permitted when staying same dates as one of our 5 day air trips or Big Whale Trip dates at the eco-lodge: (4 day/night stay. Trip fee: $2,295 per guest
Self-Arrivals: March and April March 24 thru April 10 (two day minimum)
Self-Arrival: All Inclusive Daily Rates $375 daily per person -- Single fee: $75 nightly

Self-Arrivals During February and March: Feb 08 through Mar 28

From Feb 11 thru March 27 our base camp is exclusively setup to service our five and six day air trips. However on occasion we do offer up to two spaces (two couples) to join the camp for an all- inclusive stay during these times. There are two requirements in order to join the camp during this time. First, you must join a scheduled trip date from our list of five day air trips or on our current trip calendar. Therefore you must arrive the date that the trip is set to arrive to camp and then depart the date the trip leaves camp. Secondly, we cannot guarantee that there will be a cabin available for your trip. Cabins are reserved for guests that are on the guided air trip. If a cabin is available, we’ll put you on the list to receive a cabin. These spaces go quickly so be sure to check early in the season. We’ll also assist you in preparing an itinerary and schedule so that you can easily join one of these trip dates.

Single Supplement Fee

Our trip fees are based on double occupancy, and typically we only allow two single cabins per trip. Therefore a single supplement fee is charged to guests occupying a single cabin.Single arrangements are not always available for each trip, therefore we offer a few options for guests that wish to travel solo.

Option 1: Pay the single fee for a private cabin (we offer two single cabins per trip).

Option 2: Choose our Safari style canvas tent (no single fee).

Option 3: Choose to room with another single traveler (we will attempt to match you with another guest, but cannot guarantee a match (single fee applies until we match you or choose a tent).

Vizcaino Biosphere Fee

There are additional fees in order to be in the Vizcaino Biosphere at San Ignacio Lagoon. Fee amounts change annually and are for each day you are in the park and on the water whale watching.

Included In Your Trip

  • All meals, beverages (sodas, beer and margaritas) at Campo Cortez
  • Entrance fee to Vizcaino Biosphere – conservation passport
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, blanket and linens
  • Solar electric battery charging station
  • Clean bathrooms with flushing toilets
  • Naturalist led walks and discussions
  • Two whale watching trips per day
  • Kayaking and tide pool exploration
  • Solar powered cabins
  • Comfortable beds
  • Hot water showers

NOT Included In Your Trip

  • Call or imported liquor drinks while at camp
  • Transportation to the camp
  • Staff gratuity

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   Self-Arrivals Highlights

2 whale watches daily
All-inclusive fee
Beach-side cabins
110v power in cabins
Tide pool exploration
Mangrove tour
Bird watching
Hot showers
Flushing toilets
Open bar

Trip Level: Easy
Trip fee: $375 pp dbl. occ, daily

Whale Petting Video
The Friendly Gray Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon
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