Solar powered eco-lodge and cabins

Camp Accommodations and Facilities

Eco-Lodge and dining palapa

Seemingly perched on the edge of civilization “Campo Cortez” offers many modern amenities while maintaining a clean, comfortable and eco-friendly environment. The base camp provides a modern solar and wind generation system in our dining palapa and library that provides 110 ac or 12 volt dc power for all of your charging needs. You can connect charge up your video and camera batteries anytime in the dining palapa day or night.  Constructed from local materials and by traditional building methods, our palapa is the gathering point for all of our daily activities.  Always available in the palapa daily are:

  • Book and video library of Baja & marine mammals
  • Television to view our daily videos & presentations
  • Science & weather monitoring station
  • Coffee & hot water for tea
  • Snacks & fruit
  • Sodas & beer


Solar powered cabins

Each of our fourteen solar powered cabins offers a warm and extremely comfortable safari style ambience. Each cabin offers its own spectacular view of the lagoon and is situated close to the waters edge. Eleven of our cabins are double  occupancy with two single beds and all are supplied with fresh linens, pillows and new sleeping bags for each new guest . The remaining three cabins are triple occupancy with a double bed on one side and a single bed on the opposite side.




All of the cabins are equipped with a small desk, mirror and shelves to store your clothes and valuables. Keys are provided for any guests that wish to lock their cabins. The cabins operate on Solar Power and utilize only the radiant energy from the sun to store electricity in a 12 volt battery and then power lights and electricity. Each cabin has a solar panel array that charges a marine battery and all are equipped with an inverter to produce electricity for your small electronics such as video cameras, notebook computers and digital cameras. Cabins are also equipped with an interior light, two windows for ventilation and extra blankets.



Dining and the food

Authentic Mexican coastal cuisine: Our meals are a constant source of positive compliments.  Delicious meals are prepared daily using only fresh ingredients and the tortillas are hand made daily. We offer a variety of dishes ranging from locally caught seafood to vegetarian dishes. Meals are well balanced and you can eat as much as you like. Our central dining palapa hosts a sit down dining area, stocked bar and lanterns to round out the atmosphere.  If you are on a diet…good luck!  With the close of each week we host a send off fiesta with local live music. 





6:30am:  The central dining palapa is open at 6:30am and is ready with hot coffee, hot water and a variety of teas, instant oatmeal and other snacks you may enjoy before breakfast
8:00am:  Breakfast is served. We serve a variety of dishes ranging from:

  • Mexican style eggs
  • Juevos rancheros
  • Hot oatmeal
  • Hot cakes


12:00pm:  Lunch is served at noon and coffee, and hot water for tea are always ready. Also, a variety of sodas and cervezas (beer) are always available (at no charge) in the coolers. A few of the lunch dishes that we serve are as follows:

  • Quesadillas (cheese filled with tortillas)
  • Fish tacos (our guests favorite)
  • Chile rellenos (stuffed chilies)
  • Albondigas (fresh fish stew)
  • Vegetable soups


Happy hour:

5:00pm:  Happy hour with margaritas and fresh guacamole, salsas and corn chips. A great time to enjoy the sunset from the dining palapa with the barn doors open and a full view of the lagoon and sun setting.





7:00pm:  Dinner is served and the sun has set. Menu items are varied and include items below:

  • Burritos (beef & chicken)
  • Variety of seafood
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Carne asada
  • Chicken mole
  • Enchiladas
  • Fresh fish
  • Scallops


With prior notice we prepare a wide range of vegetarian meals. There has been a growing demand for more vegetarian food at camp and we have made preparations to accommodate the needs of our vegetarian guests and now supply a wide range of vegetarian dishes with prior notice.



Clean and eco-friendly: the camp offers four marine style flushing bathrooms that are always clean, comfortable and equipped with all the necessities. They are a short walk from your cabin (relatively speaking) and we take pride in offering you well maintained bathrooms that we clean three times a day. The bathrooms are also solar powered and each has its own light, locking door and household size, marine style toilets. Our guides will brief you on the use of the banos.




About our solar and wind generation systems

We are very proud to offer a unique and eco-friendly style of producing power from the natural environment. Campo Cortez has a very large solar and wind generation system that supplies all of our power and is sufficient to power refrigeration, lights, charging systems and a variety of safety equipment such as c-pak machines for guests that require these type systems for sleeping at night. Our central plalpa is our largest system and contains a twenty amp solar panel system as well as a twelve amp wind generation system. Our two fold system is unique in that we can harness the elements of wind and/or the sun. If we have a cloudy day and can not generate solar power, then we can always harness the wind to produce electricity that is stored in our six volt battery bank.



The battery bank is really the heart of ours and any system. This is where we store the radiant or wind generated power – in lead acid, deep cycle batteries. The batteries are fed electricity from the solar panels and wind generators and then power is then distributed to an inverter that then converts this twelve volt DC (direct current) to one hundred and ten volt (110 AC) current. This is the type of current you have in your home. With 110 ac current we can then power our refrigerators, freezers and lights. Actually most of our lighting is twelve volt lighting that runs direct from the batteries.


Each cabin has its very own independent solar array system. Each has a solar panel a deep cycle twelve-volt battery, a light and an inverter with standard outlets for you to plug in your small electronics such as a battery charger, notebook computer, video camera or just about any type of small electronics.


The camp also maintains

  • Two private hot water showers (solar & propane)
  • Marine mammal & Baja library (in the palapa)
  • Science & research station (in the palapa)
  • Satellite telephone for emergencies
  • Composting & recycling containers
  • Kayaks for use in the estuary




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