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Guest Logs and Diaries

Wonderful whale watching and marine animal stories sent in by our past travelers. These are only a few selected stories and diary entries that our past guests have sent to us. We think you will feel the excitement and heart touching moments that these guests have felt themselves. We hope you enjoy these whale watching stories, marine mammal encounters and logs from the diaries of our many guests. We will update this page with many more marine animal encounters every season. Thanks for sending them and keep the whale watching stories coming.


Dick Russell’s trips to San Ignacio Lagoon  
Noted author Dick Russell talks about his trip to San Ignacio Lagoon.  “This trip was truly unforgettable” notes Russell. “There’s no other way to say it – these whales are coming up TO BE PETTED!”


James Dorsey: 'My wife and I found 'Heaven on Earth'  
My idea of relaxation is floating in a small panga surrounded by a couple hundred tons of agitated mammals. My wife and I do this every year in San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja Mexico.


Rick Harbo: The friendly Gray whales of San Ignacio Lagoon
Travel writer and whale enthusiast Rick Harbo and his daughter Jennifer travel from Vancouver Island, Canada to witness the friendly behaviour of the Gray Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon


 Steve Schwartz: from New York to San Ignacio Lagoon
There’s only one place in the entire world where 40-ton gray whale mothers and their two-ton babies come up alongside your small boat: to be petted and that’s the gray whale sanctuary of San Ignacio Lagoon.

Heather Somers: “We are humbled witnesses...”
A page from Heather’s Baja journal as she and her friends travel from San Ignacio to the lagoon and find their way in the dark to Campo Cortez. “Divine intervention led us in the dark to Campo Cortez”


Emily Celino writes a poem entitled: “Ballena Gris”
Emily was so moved by how the Gray Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon placed such trust in her and the other members in her boat. “Frolicking beneath the boat and honoring us with their presence.”


Rick Armon: 'We were changed for the rest of our lives'

High school student Rick Armon writes of his whale watching trip to San Ignacio Lagoon: “This was an incredible experience watching all these animals interact and play like they were humans. What more can you say.


From the Journal of Paula Walker

Paula writes of her and husband Rob’s encounters with a mother and gray whale calf and the stark beauty of the place she has traveled so far to visit. “San Ignacio Lagoon is on the edge of Forever…”


Sharon Andersen: “The most incredible experience of my life”
Sharon travels to Baja with her two sisters and is rewarded with a l life changing experience as she and her sisters interact with the friendly Gray whales of San Ignacio Lagoon. “I have just had the most incredible, and possibly the most significant, experience of my life”


Marie Dalcourt: 'Another day to remember'  
Marie writes of her incredible encounter with a pod of pilot whales while touring the Sea of Cortez with Baja Ecotours. “This was truly an amazing day for me and one I will never forget. and she’s never left Baja since! ”


Steve Macial: “the best natural sightings of my 55 years on this planet”

Steve shares his experiences with us while on a snorkeling trip to La Paz. Encounters include  swimming with sealions;  swimming with pilot whales and dolphins. “An incredible life changing tree days on the water”


Peter Brueggeman: “Nothing like getting sprayed by whale breath!”
Peter writes of his family's flight and encounters down to the lagoon in a Cessna 182 private plane. This is Peter’s second trip to the lagoon and his first with his young son Leo who made friends with the local children. 



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