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Ecolodge and Dining Palapa

Seemingly perched on the edge of civilization “Campo Cortez” offers many modern amenities while maintaining a clean, comfortable and eco-friendly environment. Our Eco-lodge and base camp provides a modern solar and wind generation system in our dining palapa and well stocked Baja library and an electrical system that provides 110 ac or 12 volt dc power for all of your charging needs. You can charge up your video and camera batteries anytime in the dining palapa during the day. Constructed from local materials and by traditional building methods, our palapa is the gathering point for all of our daily activities. Always available in the palapa daily are:

  • Book and video library of Baja and marine mammals
  • Television to view our daily videos and presentations
  • Science and weather monitoring station
  • Coffee and hot water for tea
  • Snacks and fruit
  • Sodas and beer

Campo Cortez Solar and Wind Powered Ecolodge

solar systemWe are very proud to offer a unique and eco-friendly style of producing power from the natural environment. Campo Cortez has a modest sized solar and wind generation system that supplies all of our power and is sufficient to power refrigeration, lights, charging systems and a variety of safety equipment such as CPAP machines for guests. Our dining palapa houses the entire system and contains a twenty amp solar panel system as well as a fifteen amp wind generation system. Our two fold system is unique in that we can harness the elements of wind and sun. If we have a cloudy day and can not generate solar power, then we can always harness the wind to produce electricity that is stored in our six volt battery bank.

safety equipment

The battery bank is really the heart of our system. This is where we store the radiant or wind generated power in lead acid, deep cycle batteries. The batteries are fed electricity from the solar panels and wind generators where it is stored and then power is distributed to an inverter that converts 12 volt DC (direct current) to 110 volt AC (alternating current). This is the type of current you have in your home. With 110 ac current we can then power our refrigerators, freezers and lights.

batteries power the camp

The camp also maintains ...

  • Satellite telephone for emergencies
  • Satellite internet for emergencies
  • Composting and recycling containers
  • Kayaks for use in the estuary


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